Osborn P. Anderson
Lewis Sheridan Leary
Shields Green
Dangerfield Newby
John Anthony Copeland
Osborn Perry Anderson was a freedman and a printer by trade. Anderson escaped after the raid and lived to fight again as a noncommissioned officer on the Union side. He is also the author of A voice from Harper's Ferry, The Unfinished Revolution by a Black Revolutionary Who Was There (1861). Published by World View Publishers, 46 West 21st Street, New York, NY in 1974

Lewis Sheridan Leary was a descendent of a North Carolina Indian, an Irish-American Revolutionary War soldier as well as black slaves. He became part of John Brown's band several months prior to the "Raid." Leary was killed at the rifle works.

Shields Green was recommended to John Brown by Frederick Douglass. He was a fugitive slave from South Carolina where he left a son. Like Copeland he was tried and hanged for his role in the Raid.

Dangerfield Newby, a 44-years-old ex-slave, was a huge man, 6 feet, 2 inches. His wife and seven children were still enslaved when he was shot dead outside the arsenal gate.

John Anthony Copeland, Jr., was recruited to Brown's "Army of Liberation" by his uncle, Louis Leary. Copeland was an Oberlin College student who served time in jail for helping the fugitive slave, John Price, and he was finally hanged for his role in the Harper's Ferry Raid.